Szklarska Poręba in polish mountains - about the city

We would like to encourage you to visit one of the most beautiful places in our country, Szklarska Poręba, a town which can satisfy every “touristic appetite” for adventure, leisure, and contact with nature.

Szklarska Poręba is a beautifully-located town in the valley of the river Kamienna and its tributaries at the altitude of 440 – 886 meters over the sea level, on the southern slopes of Karkonosze and its peak hovering over the town, Szrenica (1362 m). From the northern side of the city, there are the slopes of the Jizera Mountains with its peak Wysoki Kamień(1058 m) and Czarna Góra (965 m). From the eastern side, one can admire the hills of the Karkonosze foothills forming a border between the town and the Jeleniogórska Valley.


The town is divided into Low, Middle, and High Szklarska Poręba. The High part is the largest and includes the following districts: Śródmieście, Marysin, Szklarka, Biała Dolina, and the highest situated colony near the border crossing with the Czech Republic, Jakuszyce.

Szklarska Poręba, with a rather small number of permanent inhabitants (approx. 7.3 thousand), has a large area, 76 km2, where as much as 86 % are forests. There are few areas in Poland as fit for recreation as Szklarska Poręba and its surroundings. Silence, ever changing landscape, depending on the light or time of the day, combined with the sound of crystal clean streams and waterfalls falling around the granite rocks – all those elements have an extraordinarily soothing effect on human nature. 

Szklarska Poręba is the biggest climatic station of the Lower Silesia, known and valued since the middle of the 19th century. Climatic conditions around here are compared to the qualities of Alpine towns and villages located at the altitude of over 1200 meters above sea level. The main advantage of Szklarska Poręba as a winter sports resort is the long-lasting snow cover – 110 days of the year on average – which makes it a true paradise for the fans of the “snow frenzy”.   

Szklarska Poręba is the largest winter sports resort in the Polish Sudety. The slopes of Szrenica is the center of downhill skiing, where there are 5 downhill trails of different levels of difficulty, with the combined length of 12 km (100 % covered by the system of artificial snowing). Ski lift network consists of one chairlift and 5 T-bar lifts. In 2010, cableway “Karkonosz Express” was opened. This “six-person sofa” is the longest lift of this kind in Poland. There are also plenty of small rope or T-bar lifts scattered around the slopes of the entire town.  In Jakuszyce, which belongs to Szklarska Poręba, snow remains thick on the slopes until late spring. Cross-country trails for this cross-country skiing center meet the expectations of both professionals and amateurs of this sport (the highest trails located at the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level) combined measuring approximately 100 km, whereas nce the winter season is over they serve the purposes of cycling fans.

Bicycle is a means of transport that is growing in popularity, a way of spending some free time, and quite often a way of living. More and more frequently,  tourists visiting Szklarska Poręba bring their mountain bike with them together with a toothbrush, as cycling on mountain trails is becoming a very popular activity.

The entire network of picturesque trails in the Karkonosze and Jizera Mountains is also a network of cycle routes of different levels of difficulty – some have steep slopes that make the adrenaline soar, while others are created for family biking trips. Driving enthusiasts will enjoy dozens of kilometers of roads reaching the foothills of the Karkonosze on one side and the foothills of the Jizera Mountains on the other. Some of those routes are already perfectly prepared for bicycles and they are a part of the cycling route project that is being implemented in the Nysa Euroregion.

Add to what our town offers a chance of taking long hikes around the tourist trails (beautiful picturesque trails in the area of the Karkonosze National Park and the Jizera Mountains), mountain climbing, horse riding along the vast forests, and mineral searching, and you will have a full image of the diversity of attractions Szklarska Poręba has to offer.

Szklarska Poręba is an ideal place starting point for trips to nearby holiday towns of the Lower Silesia and Czech part of the Karkonosze (there are several border crossing points, both for pedestrians and for cars, up to the golden Prague).

The town offer is complemented with an extremely attractive event calendar. They are both recurring events that have been taking place for many years and have devout followers and new proposals.